Tales from the Crypt Sweeper is a cryptographic minesweeper-like. Dig up crypts, but try to avoid hitting a grave or else you'll disturb its ghost!

⚰️ Left-click to dig
👻 Digging up a square unveils a symbol, which correlates to how many "ghosts" are adjacent to that spot
♉️ Symbols randomize every game, so you'll need to decipher what each one means every time you play
🥀 Right-click to flag a grave, so you'll know not to disturb it

Tales from the Crypt Sweeper was made during #TOJam12

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorLaundry Bear Games
Made withUnity
Tagscryptographic, cryptography, Ghosts, Halloween, minesweeper, Pixel Art, Spooky, tojam, tojam12, Unity


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Can we get a list of the possible symbols? Not sure if one symbol is the same as another or is distorted by pixelation or something. Congrats on being the 10th best minesweeper on itch! Interesting idea!

And preventing death on first click would be nice.

And seems like not the kind that prevents needing to guess.